From little seeds, Grow mighty trees.

Implementing educational workshops that positively transform lives by skill-sharing, teamwork and facilitating new creative opportunities through Expressive Arts and Surf-Craftsmanship.

Who we are

Seeds of Hope ODV is an Italian registered Volunteer Organisation that implements educational workshops in several countries around the world.  

Our ‘Vanderful’ projects aim to create safe spaces for young people to play and learn new skills in a supportive environment, removing them from unprotected areas where they could be exposed to threats.


Surf Craftsmanship

Learning how to make wooden surf crafts and accessories using simple tools and natural materials. Cultivating an understanding of craftsmanship, hydrodynamics and sustainable practices.

Vanderful Collection

In collaboration with G-White Italy & Waraia Mozambik, we have designed a unique vanderful clothing range. All sale proceeds go towards our projects.

Vanderful Gifts in Kind

Get your hands on your very own, limited edition Vanderful products, click here to see what options you have.

Expressive Arts

An introduction to the creative and therapeutic qualities of drama and environmental education. Enhancing confidence, self-esteem and communication skills, even reducing stress and anxiety.

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If you are an Italian national or have a business registered in Italy, you can help us at no extra cost to you by donating your 5×1000 to our organisation.
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