Manuel from Manu Shapes needs help to build / finance a craftsmanship workshop in Tofo Mozambique. He will teach young people skills in making wooden surfboards and surf accessories such as natural surf wax.

A Workshop for ‘Manu Shapes’

in Tofo, Mozambique

He has the land, he has the tools

He just needs the Workshop!

Manuel is in need of your kind donations so he can build a craftsmanship workshop for ‘Manu Shapes’ to educate the children of Tofo, Mozambique. His workshops teach children how to make wooden surfboards and surf accessories such as organic surf wax. This has been vital for helping to continue their education and therefore increase their chance of employment in the future.

The Challenge

Mozambique has a young and rapidly expanding population and it has one of the lowest literacy rates in the region. School drop-out rates and education access continues to be a challenge. This results in high unemployment and lack of job opportunities. The surfing industry has only just emerged in Tofo and there are no surfboard manufacturers in the area. This workshop can provide a space for young people to learn valuable skills such as craftsmanship and business acumen.

The Solution

By offering this workshop to young people in this area, it will remove them from lingering in the streets and help them develop their skills, embrace a new approach to life and earn a living at the same time through selling the products they design and create, along with learning a new profession and promoting sustainable practices by using natural and recycled materials.

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