Stories can be used to
empower and to humanise.

Seeds of Hope Stories

Stories can shape people; they can inspire them to think and act differently.
Over the coming months, we will release some stories of our own. 
We would like to introduce you to our Vanderful Volunteers, who are the Seeds of Hope ODV team.

“It’s not how much we give, but how much love we put into giving.”

Antonia Boron

In which year did you join Seeds of Hope & what’s your country of origin? 
I joined Seeds of Hope from the very beginning. In fact, I was part of the founders the day we signed to create it, also I am Italian.
What is your role at Seeds of Hope ODV? 
I am first of all a great supporter of Seed of Hope projects. I firmly believe in the organisation’s objectives. But when I can be helpful I give my expertise in budgets and accounting.
When the idea behind Seeds of Hope was being discussed in Cape Town 2017.
What do you like most about your role? I like to help the organisation in any way possible, not only if it is related to my area of expertise.
What inspired you to volunteer? I believe in Francesco and Vikki as they are dedicating their life to Seeds of Hope, so I wanted to help them.

seeds of hope since 2019







Vikki, Antonia & Gian Paolo on top of Table Mountain, 2017.
What is your greatest strength? How does it help you at Seeds of Hope? 
My strength is patience. With numbers you need to be patient! 🙂
What are some of your best memories at Seeds of Hope? 
I have countless. I remember the first time Vikki and Francesco told us (me and my husband) about their project. They didn’t know that they were talking about Seeds of Hope yet. They just wanted to do something good. They wanted to give back to the communities they were visiting along Africa. We were in Cape Town, on vacation and we were much younger! At that time we liked to dream big. The project they had in mind was a super big dream! They believed in it so much that we decided to be part of it. I am very proud of them and of Seeds of Hope.
How do you stay motivated on the not-so-sunny days?
I try to practise yoga every day.
What advice would you give to someone who wants to be a volunteer?
Be passionate about it!

Icebreaker Questions

If you could be any animal in the world, what animal would you choose to be? 

A horse!

Would you rather live in the ocean or on the moon? 

The ocean!

What is your best idea for a new invention? 

An app for giving presents.

Are you sunrise, daylight, twilight, or nighttime? Why?
Sunrise, I like to take my time in the morning to start the day.
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